What is Gamer's Edition?

Who we are and what we do.

Gamer's Edition was set up to create awesome collector's editions for dedicated game fans. It was born of the realisation that digitally distributed indie games were taking up almost as much of our gaming time as the megabucks triple-A stuff, but they didn't have much in the way of cooler toys or accessories. It didn't seem fair that you can get a series of statues for Gears of War Judgement but nothing for Thomas Was Alone.

So, we've partnered with Idea Planet - the experts who make many of those collectibles you've seen for blockbuster games - and our favourite indie developers to plug that gap. We work with the developers and their community to come up with high-quality special editions that are as unique as the games themselves. We set a minimum production run to cover the setup costs, and we make them to order - each one is numbered, and once we've made them we'll never make another.

Because creating these packages takes quite a long time, and we spend that time talking to lots of people about merchandise ideas, we’ve started offering smaller runs of less elaborate items like art prints and T-shirts. These aren’t always made by Idea Planet, but they’re still high-quality items from established manufacturers, and we’ll always make clear what you’re getting from each.

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Gamer Network

Gamer Network is one of the world’s leading games media businesses

With a strong focus on editorial quality and community, our group of award-winning websites reach over 20 million unique visitors every month.

Our market-leading events attract over 100,000 visitors each year. And our growing services division produces advertising creative and bespoke gaming content for a wide range of clients.

Founded in 1999, Gamer Network is an independent, privately owned business. The company is headquartered in the vibrant seaside city of Brighton and we have teams based in London, New York, San Francisco and across Europe.

Find out more about Gamer Network here.

Idea Planet

For over 12 years, Idea Planet has been developing award-winning collector's editions for gaming industry giants including Microsoft, Gearbox, Activision, Bungie and 2K games.  

For every project, their team of designers dives deep into the hearts and minds of developers and game loyalists alike, immerses themselves in game play, and identifies the most iconic elements to bring to life.   Engineers and artisans then painstakingly transform materials, textures, colors and sounds that were once only digital concepts into real-world artifacts that become instant treasures for fans of each game.  

And now the people that brought you the Halo Helmet, Bioshock's hand-painted Songbird, Destiny's sensor activated/ talking “Ghost” and the just-announced Borderlands RC/wi-fi Claptrap are collaborating with Gamers Network to create The Gamers Edition and bring the same craftsmanship, innovation and passion once reserved exclusively for multi-million dollar franchises to some of your favorite independent titles.  Introducing Idea Planet Collectibles -- "small batch" collector's editions for big time gamers.

Gamer's Edition is a partnership between:

  • Gamer Network makes award-winning websites and consumer events about videogames.

  • Idea Planet develops award-winning collectibles for games industry giants like Microsoft, 2K, Bungie and Gearbox.

  • Every Gamer’s Edition is developed in close collaboration with each game’s creator. Every copy sold returns money to the developer.

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