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  • What is this?

    It's the ultimate version of great digital games - a Special Edition that includes the game and some one-off special-edition gifts. Each one is individually numbered and there'll only ever be a single production run.

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  • Why are you selling other items of merchandise?

    Because creating these packages takes quite a long time, and we spend that time talking to lots of people about merchandise ideas, we’ve started offering smaller runs of less elaborate items like art prints and T-shirts. These aren’t always made by Idea Planet, but they’re still high-quality items from established manufacturers, and we’ll always make clear what you’re getting from each.

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  • Why are you doing this?

    We were having a pub conversation about Spelunky addiction with ex-Eurogamer man Tom Bramwell and it sort of steamrollered from there. Basically, we're used to buying Special Editions of big-budget games, normally off the back of some carefully-staged preview coverage and if we're really lucky, a demo. But indie games don't get to do that, and you tend to only fall in love with them once you've played them. So we thought we'd do Special Editions after the fact, so players and developers get some really awesome stuff that isn't just a keyring and some in-game hats. Although we wouldn't rule out ever including those, for the record. The in-game hat industry is too powerful for that.

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  • Why do you want money up front?

    Because these are weird, strange, one-of-a-kind items and we're making them to order. Pledging up front means we manufacture exactly the right amount, and don't end up with warehouses filled with alarming statuary that even dollar stores won't stock.

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  • Why is there a minimum order?

    Because physical items are expensive, with a lot of up-front costs, so it's only affordable to do this if enough people want it. If not enough people pledge, then it doesn't get made, and it doesn't cost anybody anything. It's like those online petitions for remakes, only here you can actually pledge the money to make it happen. (We did suggest this to some game publishers, by they way. They said they'd get back to us.)

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  • Does the campaign end when you hit the minimum order number?

    Nope. Each campaign runs for a fixed period of time (currently 30 days) and at the end of it, if we've passed the minimum order number, we make exactly as many Gamer's Editions as have been ordered. 

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  • What happens if you don't get enough orders?

    Then we pour one out, take a moment to mourn, and then get on to the next Gamer’s Edition. Your card will not be charged, and we’ll send you an email to confirm that.

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  • Who makes the gifts?

    Each full Gamer’s Edition release is created by Idea Planet, which has been doing this sort of thing for years and routinely produces gift items for people like Disney, Activision, Microsoft and Gearbox. It's made to exacting quality standards by experienced manufacturers, managed by Idea Planet's worldwide team. Smaller items are made by different manufacturers in the UK or USA, according to the requirements of each design.

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  • Why don’t you have a real photo of every product?

    Because we make stuff to order, each campaign starts with detailed mockups rather than physical items - we only start making the items when a campaign succeeds. But we only launch a campaign when we're very, very certain that we can deliver everything to a high standard and at the listed price, with the benefit of Idea Planet's years of experience making everything from UNSC documents to replicas of Peter Dinklage.

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  • What happens if I don't buy now? Will you reissue it?

    It’s unlikely. We might produce extra units for the developers themselves, but each Gamer's Edition is intended as a one-time thing. Smaller items are easier to produce so it’s possible we might revisit them, but we’re more likely to do a new thing than just repeat the old one.

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  • Who decides what goes in each edition?

    The developers. We work with them to come up with ideas and packaging that fit the game and match what fans want. They sign off on the final product and they take a cut from every unit sold.

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  • Why do you charge in dollars?

    Because our payment provider only takes US dollars (and, being completely honest, Idea Planet is based in the US so we have to do a lot of accounting in dollars anyway.) We hope to offer other currencies in time, but for now it’s dollars for everything. We don’t quote other prices because currency rates can change day to day - you can get an instant quote here.

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  • When do I get my Steam code?

    For Gamer’s Editions that include a digital Steam key, you’ll get your Steam code when the campaign hits the order threshold and goes into production. We’ll mail you when this happens. You can find your code in your My Gamer’s Edition page. Please note that if you reveal your game code but then choose to cancel your Gamer’s Edition order before the physical manufacturing is complete, your refund will deduct the cost of the game. We’ll make clear what this when you order, and it won’t change, even if there’s a Steam sale or sudden clutch of game keys on reseller sites. No takebacks!

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  • When will you charge my card?

    When the campaign succeeds. (We’re choosing to believe it will). When that happens, we’ll send you an email, and we’ll follow that up with another one when we’ve taken payment. If the payment fails for any reason, we’ll notify you and you’ll have to order again. Quite quickly, if the campaign is approaching its end date.

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  • When do I get my physical items?

    The delivery estimate for the physical items is listed on the game page. Once we’ve started production, we’ll post updates on the Production Updates section of the product page, and we’ll email you. It’s not a quick process - we have to take the orders, then get them made, then get them tested, then ship them to delivery centres, and then get them to you. It’s quite a long-drawn out process that explains quite a bit about why console games plan all their marketing over a year in advance.

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  • Where do you ship from?

    US purchases are shipped from Los Angeles, the rest of the world is shipped from Leicester in the UK. Because it’s cheaper that way.

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  • I already funded this game via Kickstarter/IndieGoGo/the developer's site/anonymous cash donation.

    And that makes you a wonderful person! But this is a different thing. The cost of a Gamer's Edition funds the manufacture of the Gamer's Edition, pretty much exactly, so it's separate from any other crowd funding that may have taken place.

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  • I'm a developer and I want to do a Gamer's Edition of my game.

    Great! You should ask Jonty about that.

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  • Why does it take so long to deliver?

    Because we only start the production run once it's all funded. We can give you a Steam key almost immediately via email once a campaign succeeds, but the manufacturing and shipping takes time.

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  • I already own this game. Why are you giving me another key for it?

    It's nice to have, isn't it? Having you manually input a Steam code you already own seemed a bit much, even for fans of XBLA point cards, and this way you're supporting the developer that bit more. Take this as an opportunity to share it with another. Give it to a friend. Drop it into your fiancee's champagne glass. Press it into a stranger's hand and tell them, in a heavy Russian accent, that it's vital that they keep it from enemy hands.

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  • Can I get an XBLA/SEN/iOS code in my Gamers Edition?

    At present we can only include Steam codes. We'd like to do codes for other platforms in the future, but that will involve account managers and conference calls and complication, and right now Steam is where most indie games live anyway.

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  • Is this just for indie games?

    We built it for indie games, but the only real restriction is that it's for digital games. If there's a game that you think would be perfect for a Gamer's Edition, let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen. Note that the game has to already exist, though, we can't do Half-Life 3 or anything.

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  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship to the US, the UK, the EU, Canada and Australia. You'll see the shipping costs on the Buy page for each Gamer's Edition. If you live in a country that isn't listed and would like to place an order, get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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  • Could you use this to make things that aren't games?

    Maybe? We're open to ideas. If you've got any, send them to Jonty.

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  • You've put the apostrophe in the wrong place. It should be "Gamers' Edition".

    That would be correct if this was for created solely for a multitude of gamers. We choose to believe this is crafted for a singular and highly discerning gamer - such as yourself. There is no argument you can raise to this that will eclipse the internal one we had, which went on for months and caused our designer to start issuing carefully-kerned threatening letters.

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Gamer's Edition is a partnership between:

  • Gamer Network makes award-winning websites and consumer events about videogames.

  • Idea Planet develops award-winning collectibles for games industry giants like Microsoft, 2K, Bungie and Gearbox.

  • Every Gamer’s Edition is developed in close collaboration with each game’s creator. Every copy sold returns money to the developer.

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