How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to deliver within two weeks, and we open orders as late as possible so that we can be confident that deliveries will not be held up. However, in some cases we may encounter production or delivery issues that may delay despatch - we will notify you as soon as we hear of these. If you haven't heard from us and your product is late, please mail support@gamersedition.com and we'll hunt it down for you.

How do I get my Steam code?

If you have bought a boxed game and there wasn't a code provided along with it, please mail support@gamersedition.com with the product number. Please note that if you've bought from a third-party retailer, or second-hand, the code may have already been redeemed by a previous owner.

You've put the apostrophe in the wrong place. It should be "Gamers' Edition".

That would be correct if this was for created solely for a multitude of gamers. We choose to believe this is crafted for a singular and highly discerning gamer - such as yourself. This argument was long-drawn-out and we will not be returning to it.