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Join the Arstotzka immigration service with Papers, Please

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The multi-award-winning Papers, Please has enabled thousands to face the surprisingly compelling challenges of being an immigration officer in a grim 1980s totalitarian state. Now, you can do it in person with this custom-made immigration officer kit developed by Gamer’s Edition and Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope. Modelled on the kit you would receive on that fateful day when your name is pulled in the Labor Lottery, the custom suitcase packaging contains everything you need to roll up in East Grestin and start denying people entry.

The most important components are, of course, the approved and denied stamps, and the complete bound rulebook listing all the many reasons to use the latter. There’s a set of documentation to use it on, some all-new stamps from the glorious nation of Arstotzka, and a motivational Arstotzkan poster to decorate your booth and keep your national pride high. Plus, you can demonstrate your honorable position with an official Inspector pin badge, and open the door to your Class 8 dwelling using an official Labor Lottery keyring.

This is a one-off compilation that will never be offered again, so grab one while you can.

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The Document Stamps

The most iconic element of Papers, Please are the Approved and Denied stamps with which you seal the fate of those before you. We weren’t able to create a perfect replica of the mechanical device on the inspector’s desk without it costing hundreds of dollars, so we’ve gone for a more appropriately 80s set of manual stamps, each bearing your official start date of November 23rd, 1982. They are presented in an official Arstotzkan government-issue box and include an ink pad. Use them with care: once stamped, a document cannot be rescinded.

  • Approved and Denied stamps dated November 23rd, 1982
  • Stamp area 6.35cm x 2.54cm
  • Presented in official Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission box
  • Ink pad included

The Game

Winner of multiple BAFTAs and game development awards, Papers, Please puts you in a border checkpoint in the fictional country of Artsotzka.

This Gamer's Edition includes a Steam key for Windows, PC, Mac and Linux, which will be sent when the campaign succeeds. You can view the system requirements on Steam.

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Multiple award winner

  • ArsTechnica Best Game of 2013
  • BAFTA Strategy & Simulation
  • Destructoid Best PC Game of 2013
  • Forbes Top Indie Game 2013
  • IGF Grand Prize 2014
  • IGF Excellence in Design
  • IGF Excellence in Narrative
  • GameCity GameCity Prize 2014
  • Game Developers Choice Awards Innovation Award
  • Game Developers Choice Awards Best Downloadable
  • Games For Change Most Innovative 2014
  • Games For Change Best Gameplay 2014
  • New Yorker Best Game of 2013
  • PC World Best Game of 2013
  • SXSW Cultural Innovation
  • Wired Best Game of 2013
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The Documents

Stamps are no good without paperwork to apply them to, so we have provided an extensive set: passport, work permit, entry ticket and diplomatic visa for honourable citizens to present for your inspection and cross-checking with the rulebook. Be vigilant for forgeries. Errors will result in MOA citation and potential wage deductions, and may attract the attention of Inspector M. Vonel. Images shown are pre-production mockups, final versions will include citizen data for inspection.

  • Access Permit
  • Entry Permit
  • Diplomatic Authorisation
  • Arstotzkan Identity Card
  • Work Permit
  • Arstotzkan Passport
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The Inspector's Badge

Ostentatious displays of wealth are vulgar and sure to attract the attention of the Special Inspector. But any self-respecting Department of Immigration employee would want to display their inspector status to other citizens, to make absolutely clear that you’re just that bit more equal than them. You can do so in style with this stylish metal pin badge, finished in painted enamel, and presented in an official Arstotzkan display box.

  • Official Artstotzka Ministry of Admission Inspector badge, designed by Lucas Pope
  • Approx 25mm x 10mm
  • Zinc alloy
  • Packaged in official Arstotzkan presentation box
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The Rulebook

In Arstotzka, all government employees have to do things by the book. In your case, it’s this book: The Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission Rules & Regulations for Inspectors. This hard-backed 34-page volume is the complete reference for every restriction you must apply to those in the queue, exactly modelled after the in-game version right down to the ring-binding on the spine. Details of internal pages to be confirmed by Lucas Pope.

  • Complete ruleset for every day in the game
  • Bound, as in the game, using semi-exposed wire-o format
  • 34 pages, 10.5cm x 14cm
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The Keyring

Glory to the Arstotzkan Department of Labor, and the Labor Lottery that granted you this job. Celebrate them every day with this die-cast metal keyring, finished in painted enamel, which you can use to locate the keys to your magnificent class 8 (or higher) dwelling.

  • Zinc alloy
  • Approx 55mm diameter
  • Packaged in official Arstotzkan presentation box
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The Poster

Glory to Arstotzka! Now you can ensure your keep our honoured nation in your heart at all times by displaying this poster in your office or dwelling. Let the mighty Arstotzkan eagle guide your heart in all things, and forever remind you that things are ten times worse in Kolechia. A2 size, on heavy 300GSM paper.

  • 300 GSM art paper
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The Postage Stamps

Designed specifically for Gamer’s Edition, this set of four postage stamps show the finest motivational slogans and imagery from the glorious nation of Arstotzka, the better to broadcast its renown to the unenlightened folk of Kolechia. Presented in a clear glassine envelope.

  • Four postage stamps
  • Each stamp approx 50mm x 32mm
  • Note that these stamps may not be legally used in nations outside Arstotzka.

Get Papers, Please Steam keyLabor Lottery keyringArstotzkan passport & paperwork setSet of Arstotzkan stampsGlory to Arstotzka posterDepartment of Labor suitcaseApproved stamp, Denied stamp & Ink padInspector’s pin badgeArstotzkan Immigration Rule Book  for only $70.00.

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Not available $70*

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August 2015

When we start production, we’ll post regular updates here. We’ll have sample photos, video and text updates on how things are going and when you can expect your Gamer's Edition to arrive.

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